Coronavirus doesn’t need a special introduction today – every student knows what it is, where it comes from, and what measures are taken to tackle the problem. Constant monitoring of news and social media feed is overwhelming and rises the level of anxiety, so many prefer not to research the impact of Covid-19 any more.  

Nonetheless, there are many ways in which the pandemic is changing students’ lives and life on the planet as such. Writing an essay on one of the Coronavirus essay topics is a great chance to dig deeper into these changes and challenges and take an informed position on the hottest topic globally.  

Choosing a Topic for a Coronavirus Essay  

Coronavirus can be discussed from a variety of angles. Choose how you will narrow your topic by focusing on what interests you most and relates to your major. 

Be sure to consider the type of essay that you need to write to maintain the right structure of your essay. You can modify the same topic to write essays of different types. For example, here is how your focus will differ in essays of various types all discussing the relation of coronavirus and economy: 

  • analytical essay: analyze various ways, in which Coronavirus has affected the global economy; 
  • cause and effect essay: discuss whether Coronavirus is the cause of the current economic recession and if it is the only cause (browse other topics for cause and effect essay);  
  • compare and contrast essay: compare the economic recession due to Covid-19 with the recession of 2008 (see other compare and contrast ideas);    
  • problem and solution essay: discuss a specific problem (small business closures, loss of jobs, stagnation of entire industries like traveling or entertainment) and suggest ways to address it; 
  • argumentative essay: the quarantine measures help prevent the spread of the virus and minimize deaths, but they also cause the closure of businesses, job losses, and overall economic stagnation. So, what should a government prioritize? Choose one side and provide arguments in support of your position.   
  • persuasive essay: just like an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay should argue for one claim, but it should not be as formal as an argumentative essay – feel free to use various rhetorical appeals to prove your point;  
  • opinion essay: like in the argumentative essay, you need to choose and argue for a certain point of view. Still, here, you are allowed to give examples from real life, give counterarguments without refuting them, voice your predictions, etc.  
  • rhetorical analysis essay: do a rhetorical analysis of a speech of a prominent person persuading the audience in the need for social isolation, or arguing that the threat from Coronavirus is exaggerated and governments are doing wrong putting the global economy at threat (Brazil or Belarus presidents may be of help here).     

Approach the suggested topics as the angles, from which you can consider the pandemic in your essay. Feel free to ask how to modify the topic to suit your essay type in the comments. 

Covid 19 Essay Topics

18 Topics on the Impact of Covid-19 on Society 

  1. What is the impact of Covid-19 on family life? Has the family gained more importance during the pandemic? Why? What is the relation between Coronavirus and the increased rate of divorces?   
  2. What is the role of social media during the pandemic outbreak? It is enough to help physically isolated people feel connected?    
  3. What is the impact of mass media during the COVID-19? 
  4. Did the world/ your country cope with the challenge of setting up distance education during the pandemic? Is today’s distance learning as effective as a traditional one? Will more people consider homeschooling after the quarantine is canceled? (see other education essay topics here)  
  5. Will social distancing become a new norm
  6. Will the pandemic leave a permanent impact on the entertainment industry? What can it be? Are mass events still viable after Covid-19 and the threat of other pandemics? 
  7. How does technology help survive and tackle the pandemic? Consider the use of technology to communicate news and preventative measures, for work and education, to monitor self-isolation, etc. (For an argumentative essay on technology, argue that the impact of Covid-19 would be drastically different if we didn’t have all the technology we have now) 
  8. The effect of Coronavirus on professional sport and sportsmen.  
  9. Now, when businesses have adopted new technology and practices to accommodate distant work, will working from home become the new normal
  10. Is it better to survive the pandemic in a large city or in the countryside? Will the pandemic and the fear of future ones drive the wave of downshifting? Is it viable that people will further settle in less dense isolated communities and work from home? 
  11. Gaming has seen a huge boost in popularity due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Can this lead to an increase in gambling and internet addiction? The WHO that in 2018 included an addiction to computer games in the list of dependencies, now encourages gaming and supports a campaign #PlayApartTogether – argue for or against such support.  
  12. How has Coronavirus transformed religious practices? Compare and contrast the response of various religious leaders to the pandemic.   
  13. There is a steep drop in recorded crime. What is going down: the crimes or the investigations?
  14. Coronavirus and the increasing suicide rates. You may discuss the causes of the increase, the ways to address the problem, as well as reporting of suicide among doctors (here, be sure to research the topic of suicide contagion)   
  15. Coronavirus and global travel. Analyze the impact of the pandemic on the travel industry and its chances to recover. How has the new reality changed the discourse over the digital nomad lifestyle and taking a gap year?  
  16. Not so obvious impacts of Covid-19. In this essay, students can discuss the risk of increasing levels of obesity, post-traumatic stress disorder in doctors, home violence, etc. 
  17. Compare and contrast Covid-19 with other pandemics people have survived. 
  18. What are the advantages of Covid-19 for society? The revived environment, the appreciation of the family and social network, more time with children and care for the elderly, adoption of new practices at work and schools – all these are positive outcomes we owe to the pandemic. Taking an unusual angle can help you write an excellent essay. 

14 Covid-19 Essay Topics Concerned with Economy and Governance 

  1. How has globalization affected the spread of Coronavirus and economic consequences? Would it be viable – or possible – to reverse globalization? 
  2. Should governments use undergraduate nursing students to Covid-19 response?    
  3. The quarantine measures presuppose that the rights to protest are restricted. How does it affect democracy? Are some countries using the fear of virus outbreak to sniffle protests? 
  4. Coronavirus in prisons. Should states release inmates during the pandemic? 
  5. Can the state interfere with the church if it encourages its members to attend services neglecting recommendations for social isolation? 
  6. Should countries support students losing jobs and undergraduate employment opportunities? See this conversation about international students stuck in Australia to understand the controversies around the topic.     
  7. The international intelligence claims China did not disclose all the truth about the virus spread causing dramatic consequences for all. What should be the response of the global community? 
  8. Is Covid-19 the only factor contributing to the global economic recession? What are the reasons to say it would be the greatest recession we have ever experienced?
  9. What should the state do to support people and businesses in the time of a pandemic? Is the mass lockdown of business the right decision in view of economic recession and doom predictions that the virus will still spread until humanity creates a vaccine or develops herd immunity? 
  10. How different countries cope with a pandemic. How regions with fragile health systems like Africa are coping.
  11. Should wealthy states help the developing world to tackle the pandemic despite their own efforts to fight the pandemic and economic recession? 
  12. Assess the response of the presidents of Belarus and Brazil to the pandemic.
  13. Will the current crisis make the government and businesses cut back or increase investment in green technologies?
  14. Do we need a global agency dealing with Covid-19 and future pandemics? What rights and responsibilities should it have? Which of the current agencies could take over such responsibilities?  
Essay on the Impact of Coronavirus

15 Ethical Questions Surrounding the Pandemic and the Response to It

  1. Has Coronavirus changed your perception of patriotism and being a citizen of the world? How?
  2. Should there be an equal distribution of protective equipment and necessary medical equipment globally? How can this be achieved? How can states ensure equal access to resources within the state? 
  3. Should the developing nations take measures not to let doctors leave the country? Will this be an exploitation of the poor countries to welcome doctors while their home states are put under pressure too?   
  4. Issues surrounding vaccine testing. Assess the French doctors’ suggestion to test vaccines in Africa: were their comments racist or misinterpreted for the sake of media sensation?  
  5. Has Coronavirus given rise to the wave of racism towards Chinese? Consider the usage of the term “Chinese virus”. 
  6. Now, when the internal policy of China affected the whole world, does it justify the interference into it? Agree or disagree with the statement: “There is no place for the authoritarian regime in the modern world.” 
  7. What ethical and moral considerations governors need to make to decide what to prioritize – isolation or economic interests?  
  8. Should universities cancel rent for students during the lockdown? Assess the actions of Columbia that canceled rent for commercial tenants, but not students, causing student protests
  9. How Coronavirus is changing sex life.    
  10. Covid-19 and the increase in home violence and abortions.  
  11. What is the impact of Coronavirus on mental health? Who is a vulnerable population and how can they be supported? 
  12. Should there be a temporary ban on some cultural customs that may lead to the spread of deadly viruses, wild animal trade in particular?  
  13. Does the monitoring of self-isolation infringe on personal rights? Can mass surveillance and AI help monitor contacts and isolation?
  14. Has Covid-19 increased environmental awareness? Will it help to promote sustainability? 
  15. Is the panic around Coronavirus infection overblown? What is the response to skeptics saying the quarantine is not necessary? On the one hand, as of 5 May, the Covid-19 death toll is 253,388 cases, which is lower than the number of people who die each year in traffic accidents (1.35 million) and take their own lives (800,000). On the other hand, countries that responded early with the quarantine measures and mass testing have much fewer cases than those that didn’t. This way, the number of deaths could have been much higher if humanity didn’t “panic” about the virus. 

Is Writing a College Essay on Coronavirus a Good Idea?

As the spread of infectious disease and the associated lockdown has become the most dramatic event in the lives of many students, they consider choosing it as a topic for an application essay

Writing instructors warn that this might be not the best idea. 

First, the pandemic is global and has a comparable impact on millions of students worldwide, so it will be much more difficult to make your admission essay stand out. Second, Coronavirus cannot be a topic for a college essay in its own right, as the main topic should always be you and your unique personality. 

If your experience of Covid-19 helped you single out your unique traits or define your identity – go ahead and mention this in your college essay. Still, remember that the essay should start with an intrigue, painting the picture of an event that doesn’t let the committee members an immediate understanding of where you are heading. 

Not to lose this advantage of novelty and spontaneity, start with this unique picture of your own, not the general knowledge or the virus spread figures. 

Final Thoughts

Want it or not, Coronavirus is here to stay and there is a high probability of other pandemics coming after it. Looking for credible sources and writing an essay is a good way to study the related controversies. It is also an excellent way to spend time during the lockdown, isn’t it?   

What topic have you chosen? Please, share in the comments! 

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